Saturday, July 9, 2011

Cycling into/in Portland

On the final day of my four day weekend, I decided it would be nice to bike into Portland proper. I mapped out a route just shy of 20 miles and was on my way. It's been a hot 85 deg here lately and I was able to add on to my permanent tan lines a little bit throu
gh out the day.

The trek into the urban setting was uneventful, except for one instance with a senior citizen who was dead set on merging into my person bubble--disregarding the fact I am a semi-solid object.

This post will lack a lot of pictures because I felt like too much of a tourist as it were. Although, like any transient cyclist, I had to pi
ck up a couple souvenirs.

Yep, that's a cow bell.

After riding around the city for what seemed like forever, I chose to take the TriMax back into Hillsboro. The only exciting part of that trip was an altercation between a senior and a disabled person over a priority seat (which is reserved for seniors and disabled peoples). Yep, pretty uneventful.

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